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Nominations for nine (9) new board members to the Barton Estates Neighborhood Association are being accepted.  Nominations will close on October 2, 2015 at 12 midnight.

Send nominations, along with your contact information to: 

Councilman Gerald Farris:

The election will be held October 6, 2015 from 6pm until 8pm at Barton Elementary School. This will be in conjunction with the National Night Out, a community event. Identification will be required to cast a ballot.



Email: for further details.



The Barton Estates Neighborhood Association was recognized by the City of Irving in January 2001.  Our main purpose is to "maintain, protect and enhance the livability and sense of community of Barton Estates and the surrounding neighborhoods of Irving".

If you live, operate a business, or own property in Barton Estates, we invite you to become a member.  There are no dues or fees; it's all about volunteering and  helping to improve the neighborhood and city.

Barton Estates has meetings throughout the year and we sponsor a number of annual events such as neighborhood clean-ups, picnics and block parties. You can become involved on an on-going basis by volunteering as a newsletter editor, association officer, or special-topic subcommittee member. Or, come join in at a meeting or event and get to know your neighbors.


Neighborhood Activities

2012 Christmas Dinner
2011 Barton Estates Christmas Dinner
Neighborhood House Painting Project
Safe House Program
WeCare Program



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